Clean Master for PC

A software that automatically cleans your PC


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  • Category Maintenance
  • Program license Free
  • Version 6.6
  • Size 4.93 MB
  • Works under: Windows 8
  • Program available in English
  • Program by Cheetah Mobile

Does your computer speed keep dropping and you have no idea why? Now might be a good time to download Clean Master for PC in order to clean up your operating files and make your computer run faster.

If you're like most people, you probably buy a new computer every few years or more. Even if your computer is only a year old, it still has more files on its hard drive than you could ever imagine. Those files include documents that you made for work, old lists that you made and forgot about months ago, pictures that you shared on social networking sites and empty files that you forgot to move to your recycling bin. The odds are also good that you have downloaded a few programs that came with hidden files installed as well.

Clean Master for PC is one of the best programs designed for cleaning up hard drives. It runs a quick scan of your computer and then gives you a list of files that it thinks you can safely delete. It's important to always look over that list carefully to ensure that you don't delete files you actually use. The list you receive includes files of different types and shows you where each file is or where it came from. You'll see the junk files that apps and other programs have automatically installed and registry keys that no longer work. You'll also see cache info from your web browsers and even files from social media sites. As the program tells you the date that you used or accessed each file, you will then be able to determine which ones you should delete in quick, efficient fashion.

With Clean Master for PC, you can also set up notifications that will let you know when to perform a scan. You can let the program scan your computer every time you accumulate 100 or even 500 junk files. It will also let you know when a scan is done and then send the junk files directly to the recycling bin. After the scan, you can decide what to do with files, and then the program will let you know how much space you now have available on your hard drive.

This is just one of several programs designed for cleaning up personal computers. If you want something that comes with customized settings and advanced features, you should keep looking. Clean Master for PC is best for those who want something that works fast and helps them get their computers running more efficiently.


  • Moves junk files into your recycling bin instantly
  • Scans all directories and areas of your computer for useless files
  • Shows the amount of junk files relating to social media, internet browsers and other apps
  • Enables you to set up a time to scan your computer and decide what to do with marked files


  • May identify necessary files as junk
  • Deletes browser files that may remove your log in information
  • Does not come with many advanced or customized features
  • Can slow your computer down during a scan
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